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Field Type Description
apiVersion string
kind string ComputeNetworkEndpointGroup
metadata Kubernetes meta/v1.ObjectMeta Refer to the Kubernetes API documentation for the fields of the metadata field.
spec ComputeNetworkEndpointGroupSpec
status ComputeNetworkEndpointGroupStatus


Appears on:ComputeNetworkEndpointGroup, ComputeNetworkEndpointGroupStatus

Field Type Description
providerRef Kubernetes core/v1.LocalObjectReference
id string
defaultPort int64 (Optional)
description string (Optional)
name string
network string
networkEndpointType string (Optional)
project string (Optional)
selfLink string (Optional)
size int64 (Optional)
subnetwork string (Optional)
zone string (Optional)


Appears on:ComputeNetworkEndpointGroup

Field Type Description
observedGeneration int64 (Optional) Resource generation, which is updated on mutation by the API Server.
output ComputeNetworkEndpointGroupSpec (Optional)
state (Optional)
phase Phase (Optional)

Phase(string alias)

Appears on:ComputeNetworkEndpointGroupStatus