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Field Type Description
apiVersion string
kind string LkeCluster
metadata Kubernetes meta/v1.ObjectMeta Refer to the Kubernetes API documentation for the fields of the metadata field.
spec LkeClusterSpec
status LkeClusterStatus


Appears on:LkeCluster, LkeClusterStatus

Field Type Description
providerRef Kubernetes core/v1.LocalObjectReference
id string
secretRef Kubernetes core/v1.LocalObjectReference
apiEndpoints []string (Optional) The API endpoints for the cluster.
k8sVersion string The desired Kubernetes version for this Kubernetes cluster in the format of .. The latest supported patch version will be deployed.
label string The unique label for the cluster.
pool []LkeClusterSpecPool A node pool in the cluster.
region string This cluster’s location.
status string (Optional) The status of the cluster.
tags []string (Optional) An array of tags applied to this object. Tags are for organizational purposes only.


Appears on:LkeClusterSpec

Field Type Description
count int64 The number of nodes in the Node Pool.
ID int64 (Optional) The ID of the Node Pool.
nodes []LkeClusterSpecPoolNodes (Optional) The nodes in the node pool.
type string A Linode Type for all of the nodes in the Node Pool.


Appears on:LkeClusterSpecPool

Field Type Description
ID string (Optional) The ID of the node.
instanceID int64 (Optional) The ID of the underlying Linode instance.
status string (Optional) The status of the node.


Appears on:LkeCluster

Field Type Description
observedGeneration int64 (Optional) Resource generation, which is updated on mutation by the API Server.
output LkeClusterSpec (Optional)
state (Optional)
phase Phase (Optional)

Phase(string alias)

Appears on:LkeClusterStatus

Sensitive Values

Name Type Description
kubeconfig string The Base64-encoded Kubeconfig for the cluster.