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Field Type Description
apiVersion string
kind string NodebalancerNode
metadata Kubernetes meta/v1.ObjectMeta Refer to the Kubernetes API documentation for the fields of the metadata field.
spec NodebalancerNodeSpec
status NodebalancerNodeStatus


Appears on:NodebalancerNode, NodebalancerNodeStatus

Field Type Description
providerRef Kubernetes core/v1.LocalObjectReference
id string
address string The private IP Address and port (IP:PORT) where this backend can be reached. This must be a private IP address.
configID int64 The ID of the NodeBalancerConfig to access.
label string The label for this node. This is for display purposes only.
mode string (Optional) The mode this NodeBalancer should use when sending traffic to this backend. If set to accept this backend is accepting traffic. If set to reject this backend will not receive traffic. If set to drain this backend will not receive new traffic, but connections already pinned to it will continue to be routed to it. If set to backup this backend will only accept traffic if all other nodes are down.
nodebalancerID int64 The ID of the NodeBalancer to access.
status string (Optional) The current status of this node, based on the configured checks of its NodeBalancer Config. (unknown, UP, DOWN)
weight int64 (Optional) Used when picking a backend to serve a request and is not pinned to a single backend yet. Nodes with a higher weight will receive more traffic. (1-255)


Appears on:NodebalancerNode

Field Type Description
observedGeneration int64 (Optional) Resource generation, which is updated on mutation by the API Server.
output NodebalancerNodeSpec (Optional)
state (Optional)
phase Phase (Optional)

Phase(string alias)

Appears on:NodebalancerNodeStatus