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Field Type Description
apiVersion string
kind string Rdns
metadata Kubernetes meta/v1.ObjectMeta Refer to the Kubernetes API documentation for the fields of the metadata field.
spec RdnsSpec
status RdnsStatus

Phase(string alias)

Appears on:RdnsStatus


Appears on:Rdns, RdnsStatus

Field Type Description
providerRef Kubernetes core/v1.LocalObjectReference
id string
address string The public Linode IPv4 or IPv6 address to operate on.
rdns string The reverse DNS assigned to this address. For public IPv4 addresses, this will be set to a default value provided by Linode if not explicitly set.


Appears on:Rdns

Field Type Description
observedGeneration int64 (Optional) Resource generation, which is updated on mutation by the API Server.
output RdnsSpec (Optional)
state (Optional)
phase Phase (Optional)