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Field Type Description
apiVersion string
kind string Stackscript
metadata Kubernetes meta/v1.ObjectMeta Refer to the Kubernetes API documentation for the fields of the metadata field.
spec StackscriptSpec
status StackscriptStatus

Phase(string alias)

Appears on:StackscriptStatus


Appears on:Stackscript, StackscriptStatus

Field Type Description
providerRef Kubernetes core/v1.LocalObjectReference
id string
created string (Optional) The date this StackScript was created.
deploymentsActive int64 (Optional) Count of currently active, deployed Linodes created from this StackScript.
deploymentsTotal int64 (Optional) The total number of times this StackScript has been deployed.
description string A description for the StackScript.
images []string An array of Image IDs representing the Images that this StackScript is compatible for deploying with.
isPublic bool (Optional) This determines whether other users can use your StackScript. Once a StackScript is made public, it cannot be made private.
label string The StackScript’s label is for display purposes only.
revNote string (Optional) This field allows you to add notes for the set of revisions made to this StackScript.
script string The script to execute when provisioning a new Linode with this StackScript.
updated string (Optional) The date this StackScript was updated.
userDefinedFields []StackscriptSpecUserDefinedFields (Optional) This is a list of fields defined with a special syntax inside this StackScript that allow for supplying customized parameters during deployment.
userGravatarID string (Optional) The Gravatar ID for the User who created the StackScript.
username string (Optional) The User who created the StackScript.


Appears on:StackscriptSpec

Field Type Description
default string (Optional)
example string (Optional)
label string (Optional)
manyOf string (Optional)
name string (Optional)
oneOf string (Optional)


Appears on:Stackscript

Field Type Description
observedGeneration int64 (Optional) Resource generation, which is updated on mutation by the API Server.
output StackscriptSpec (Optional)
state (Optional)
phase Phase (Optional)