Kubeform by AppsCode is a Kubernetes operator provisioning cloud or on-prem resources using Terraform providers. Kubeform provides auto-generated Kubernetes CRDs for Terraform resources so that you can manage any cloud infrastructure in a Kubernetes native way. You just write a CRD for a cloud infrastructure, apply it and Kubeform will create it for you! Kubeform currently supports 5 top cloud platforms. These are AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, DigitalOcean and Linode.

The key features of Kubeform are:

  • Native kubernetes support
  • Built on Terraform
  • Supports Terraform resources
  • Use cloud infrastructures as code
  • Define & Manage cloud infrastructures as Kubernetes CRD (Custom Resource Definition)
  • Supports multiple cloud platform

From here you can learn all about Kubeform’s architecture and how to deploy and use Kubeform.

  • Concepts. Concepts explain some significant aspect of Kubeform. This is where you can learn about what Kubeform does and how it does it.

  • Setup. Setup contains instructions for installing the Kubeform in various cloud providers.

  • Guides. Guides show you how to perform tasks with Kubeform.

  • Reference. Detailed exhaustive lists of command-line options, configuration options, API definitions, and procedures.

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